Image of Valkyrie Feather ear cuff

Valkyrie Feather ear cuff


The Valkyrie were strong female figures of Norse mythology. These women were the deciders on who would fall and who would live in battle.
Now all you tough mama's out there can show your Valkyrie strength while looking fucking hot this summer.
These cuffs are made with brass and harvested pheasant feathers. They hook around your ear and even have a hole near the lobe so you can attach your favorite earring for a more secure fit.
These are all right ear cuffs.

**NOTE: because of a few inquiries about Native American culture and these cuffs, I have done extensive research to see if there is a connection between the two. After not finding a single thing that connects these to Native Americans, as a last resort I reached out to my local Iroquois Tribe to get their take on it. From the tribe museum:
"Hi Erin. I showed your work to our Mohawk educator here at the museum. She said it didn't present any problem for her in terms of appropriation as Native people don't wear anything similar in form (feathers extending out from an ear) & that you hadn't include anything hanging off of it like beads or anything that would reference Native art or outfits. Also, pheasants aren't even native to this area, they come from Asia. She also said it looked more inspired by the Valkyries, which are mythological so no problem there. I don't think you'll find it any problem"
**I am not the artist behind these beautiful cuffs

So rock on with your bad self and one of these sweet mamajamas this summer.

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