Image of Rochester Transit Token

Rochester Transit Token


This simple, yet elegant necklace is made from an authentic Rochester transit token. These tokens have become extremely rare and have been known to sell for upwards of $50 each on exonumia collector's sites.

The silver toned token was first issued by Rochester Transit Corporation in 1948 and were sold 11 for 50¢. (A city bus ride today costs $1 every time you get on a bus, including “transfers”) These tokens were good for one city fare on all bus and trolley lines (including the Rochester Subway). They are 16mm in diameter, white metal, copper-plated

The larger bronze one is a Rochester railway token (1909-1931)
Substitute for One Cash Fare on all Rochester City Lines (including the Rochester Subway). First issued 1909. They are a little larger than the silver colored ones. These measure in at 23mm in diameter.

If you would prefer a hole not be drilled into the *silver colored* token, please leave a note at check-out and I will comply.

*Looking for 10 or more? When I have enough in stock, I'm happy to give discounts on large orders. Message me and we can work it out.

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