Image of *RARE* Cleveland transit token necklace

*RARE* Cleveland transit token necklace


Years ago the only way to get place to place by community transit was to have a token. Today, the old tokens for buses, trolleys, subways and trains while obsolete, still have a rich history in our country. I've taken these old tokens and made lovely necklaces from them.

This Cleveland, OH token was issued in 1908 when the trolley fare was just 3 cents. At over 100 years old, these tokens have seen a history you and I can only read about now. Now you can wear that little token of history and represent Cleveland in a unique and meaningful way.

This token is aluminum and very might weight. It was manufactured in the early 20thy century by the Scovill and Adam's Company for the Cleveland Transit System

I added a tiny star charm and a 18" silver plated chain to complete the simple, casual look of this necklace.

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