Image of "Quiet Time" Original Watercolor Painting

"Quiet Time" Original Watercolor Painting


The breeze is light but sultry. As you walk along the sandy terrain you notice the wash of orange across landscape as the sun sets behind the purple mountain chain. The world is silent and serene except for the lone Prairie Falcon as it soars across the sky.

This watercolor painting is approximately 3.5" by 1.75" and has a handcrafted embossed border. The 8x10 hand cut mat board has a 4.25" by 3.75" opening to accommodate the petite painting. I also painted the mat with the same palate as the paining for a unique look.

This piece comes with a backboard and a cellophane bag and is mailed in a heavy duty bubble envelope to protect during shipping. A tracking number is included, free of charge, so that you can watch your artwork as it makes it way to it's new home.

Shipping to Alone With Others
United States $5.00 $1.00
Everywhere else $10.00 $3.00