Image of Lupus Awareness: Featured "spoonie" Pendant

Lupus Awareness: Featured "spoonie" Pendant


This tiny pendant was made from a recycled stainless steal baby spoon. At just 5.8 grams, it weighs so little that you hardly notice you are wearing it until someone stops to give you a compliment on it. It features a tiny hand drawn dandelion with the words "make a wish" floating over a light blue sky with puffy white clouds.
This piece comes with the 18" black cotton corded necklace free of charge.
Each pendant is one of a kind. After this beauty is sold, a new, completely different pendant will be posted for sale so feel free to check back often!


Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease that effects 1.5 million people in the US alone. While there are medications available to help treat symptoms of Lupus, (fatigue, joint and muscle pain, skin, heart and lung problems and hair loss are just a few) there is still no cure for the disease.

The spoon symbolizes Christine Miserandino's 'spoon theory' which describes what living with lupus is like.

Odds are, there is someone in your life living with Lupus. Here is your chance to help out a great cause twice. When you purchase this pendant 10% of the retail price goes straight to the Lupus Foundation and now that you know a little about the background of Lupus, wearing your beautiful pendant can help spread awareness about the disease.

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