Image of Ithaca Transit Token Necklace

Ithaca Transit Token Necklace


Years ago the only way to get place to place by community transit was to have a token. Today, the old tokens for buses, trolleys, subways and trains while obsolete, still have a rich history in our country. I've taken these old tokens and made lovely necklaces from them.

This Ithaca,NY token was discontinued in 1918 when the trolley fare went from 6 to 7 cents. At just about 100 years old, these tokens have seen a history you and I can only read about now. Now you can wear that little token of history and represent Ithaca in a unique and meaningful way.

I added a tiny star charm and a 18" silver plated chain to complete the simple, casual look of this necklace.

Shipping to Alone With Others
Canada $8.00 $1.50
United States $3.50 $1.00
Everywhere else $8.00 $2.00