Image of Birds and a Cage: baby spoon pendant

Birds and a Cage: baby spoon pendant


Birds, in my opinion, are the most free of animals. Able to take flight and soar through the air on a whim. So why lock them up in a cage?

These two birds have escaped consignment and we've caught them just as they are ready to enjoy their freedom.

The birds and cage rest on top a background painted in the beautiful sunset tones of orange and yellow. Because the art is done in layers, this piece is really three dimensional. It's like it's own little world in there!

Fly birdies, fly!

I love these baby spoon pendants because they make a big statement in a small, lightweight package. Most of the baby spoon pendants weigh less than 6 grams! You forget you are wearing them until someone stops to compliment you!

Birds and a Cage comes ready to wear. You will receive the 18" black corded necklace as pictured.

Shipping to Alone With Others
Canada $8.00 $1.50
United States $2.85 $1.00
Everywhere else $8.00 $2.00